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Welcome to Elite Surfacing Ltd

Elite Surfacing Ltd based in the North West, brings an expert and creatively attractive tarmac, asphalt and road surfacing technologies capability to the UK's industrial, commercial, retail and domestic markets.


Driven by a 'Best of Class' mind-set and commitment to road surfacing excellence, safety, quality and the environment, over the last twenty years Elite Surfacing Ltd has developed an enviable reputation in 'External and Internal' tarmac and road surfacing technologies, material specifications, products and finishes. Imaginative and often individually tailored,


Elite Surfacing's comprehensive project management capabilities, creative design skills, core competencies and inspirational road surfacing expertise not only deliver high performance road surfaces, on time and within budget, but also the very best impression in terms of styling, elegance and perfection.

Value Engineering – Our Promise

We will always provide our customers with the most cost effective solution for any project without compromising on quality. Our experienced project engineers will provide honest assessment and solutions based upon usage, traffic and specification. Whether we recommend alternative finishes, courses or specifications you can rely on our professional advice and expertise to deliver every time.

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